Novel Treatment Path in Oncology

Minimally-invasive, treatment combines photosensitive drug activated by a light delivery system. Utilizing a low-energy, non-thermal laser light channeled through optical fibers, this treatment provides a new approach to localized tumors, with potential for treating various sites in the body.

An Oncology Revolution with Significant Value Potential

Highly Validated

Lead indication approved in EU, IS, Mexico. Submission of NDA for accelerated approval accepted by FDA

Broad Potential

~$18B market potential as single agent and as immuno-oncology combination

Primed for Growth

Full WW rights/ value retained; >$40mn non-dilutive funding; backed by leading centers

Imminent Inflection

US launch of lead indication and multiple pipeline readouts anticipated for 1H 2020

Platform for Selective Cancer Treatment

Intravenously-administered drug activated by a low-energy, non-thermal laser light.